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Hehehe... I hope you really do this. It'd be awesome if I saw someone do this in this narrow-minded world, it would make my day.

Art is great, the animation of it is a bit repetitive, but it works for this particular movie.

TheSin responds:

Thank you, I need to continue to practice animation! :P

24 hours to watch the whole thing is kinda long but it sure was worth it!


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lol when you fall you can keep moving under the screen, that wall keeps chasing you but stops at the end and won't hit you any more. Fix that ;)
Anyway, fun little game. I don't like having to start over from the beginning.

LTPATS responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I will be releasing sequels / spinoffs to the game soon, where these bugs should be addressed (also some story / context will slowly be introduced as well). If anyone runs into this bug in the future, they can press R to restart so the game won't go on forever.

Also, the wall is supposed to stop at the end of the level so the player can take a breather and listen to the rest of the song if they want a little break between levels ;).

I will also be changing the "start from the beginning" mechanic, and reintroducing it as a "hardcore" mode in future versions since a lot of players didn't like it :).

Hey MakingGamesIsGreat, try deleting your cache (google it, if you don't know how to).

Good looking, fun little game. If you want some critisism: some levels add nothing to the difficulty. In level 11 for instance, there isn't a single scenario in which you can lose (if I'm not mistaken).

At the guy below me: you don't need to contact Tom for medals, there are options for adding them in the project system.

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You're still alive huh, nice song!

mistarogerz responds:

I only emerge once a year on Newgrounds! I can't wait to see what happens!

This sounds really bad (the good kind of bad). Very different from what you made before, I really like it

mistarogerz responds:

Rock and roll! Hell yes!

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Happy new year to you as well!. I'll read the blog entry later! (pun intended)

Yes. yes! but what is it?

If you could tell your surgeon not to put male hands on her female abominations, that'd be great.

Great art like always!

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